Thursday, 25 December 2014


After choosing my final examples, I then started to experiment with my collage techniques to exemplify this, using the same techniques that I did with the promotional poster. The posters have to include an artist from the past and the present with the present artist at the back of the image and and the past artist covering them like a mask to see if people can tell them apart.

Madonna x Lady Gaga

Similarities: both artists have similar music styles, hairstyles, same background, controversial, make up and bold outfit choices.


From my promotional poster I really loved this artwork and decided to have it as one of the artworks in the exhibition, it clearly shows the past and present artists but in a combined way.

Lil Kim x Nicki Minaj

Similarities: both artists promoted the barbie trend, same colourful wigs styles, bold outfit choices and are within the singing and rapping field.

I started the process of creating a various selection of collages with different images to get a wide variety of outcomes. After a few experiments I felt that this one stood out the most, it's simplistic but looks as though Nicki Minaj's face and lips are breaking through little kims face which I thought was quite striking. 

I then took the image into photoshop and starting experimenting with the levels and making it black and white so it carried similar colours to the previous design.

Arianna Grande x Mariah Carey

Similarities: both artists have the same singing styles, girl next door, covered songs, style of dress.

After a few developments of this image I was pleased with the initial outcome, but felt it could be pushed further in regards to manipulation. Also the head looked slightly to big for the body so when developing this I will consider scaling the images a little smaller to accommodate this.

Ian Brown x Noel Gallagher

Similarities: mannerisms, clothing, musical background, hairstyle.

Following the same process, I again experimented with different arrangements of collages and the design stood out to me the most.

Then using the same levels from the previous artworks I set this to the final art piece.

Final Artwork


From my developments I felt these designs were the most explicit in showing the themes of visual identity theft in the music industry and all followed together, showing various popular music stars within a multitude of genres in that sector.

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