Monday, 29 December 2014


From my research I printed and experimented with collages, merging the artists using a ripped technique to highlight all the artists together. Using the original artist at the forefront for some and the artists that copied for the alternative.

Slick Rick x Miley 

To start off my digital artwork I set the art work to A3,  changed to black and white and dropped the opacity to 60% and started to experiment with the lyrics and style.

Slick Rick

I experimented with type variations to highlight the similarities within the song to make the comparison even clearer and felt this design was the strongest. I then decided to add the artists name, date and song name to show the theme of the past and present even stronger. 


I then followed the same process for the alternative design for the artwork.

Final outcomes

The final designs for my exhibition I think these two designs highlight the comparisons clearly but also the merging of artwork creates a sense of disconnection.

Following the same process I did this for the rest of my collection of collages to maintain consistency.

Jay Z  x Iggy x Ariana Grande

Jay Z

Iggy x Ariana

Final design

Again I followed the same process for this again.

Ray Charles x Kanye x Jamie Fox

Ray Charles

Kanye x Jay Z

Final designs


Overall I felt the designs came together really well, after a lot of developments I think these images showcase the standardisartion within the music industry through music.

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