Monday, 22 December 2014


The concept for this artwork was to make the images look as though they were breaking past the original artist. Taking the images from my research I began to start editing these images, through collages.

Edwin Birdsong / Daft Punk / Kanye West

To start the process of this collages I printed out 3 separate images of the artists and ripped them with the original artist who use the song at the forefront.

Adding the following artists into the background to show how they have manipulated or broke through the original artists song. 


I then took images of the process of my collages so I could have a multitude of variations to work with digitally.

Then I took the images into Photoshop and experimented with the colour settings, sharpness and layout. However after a few variations I felt the main image of Edwin bled to much so I decided to go back and reprint the image and develop the design again further.

After re-printing the images I then experimented further with developing this design.

I then took the image into photoshop and used the same colour process that had been used for other images.

Final design

This is my final design for this example of work, I think it works really well in showing th original artists and the samplers breaking through.

One Direction / The Who

Following the same process I used the who at the forefront of the design as they were the originators of the song and one direction in the background.


I again documented the stages to have various designs to work from.

After experimenting with filters and adjustment levels I felt that the last design was most effective but could be developed further in regards to the layout of one direction as they are hardly noticeable. I feel that this could be made slightly more explicit and more defined ripped edges.

I then redeveloped these designs with these two variations, to make 'one direction' more explicit.


 Experimenting with filters even more.

Final design

This development was much more stringer than the previous as it was explicit in show both artists clearly.

Beyonce / Chi Lites

Final design

Finally this is the image that I chose as it was the most explicit in showing both artists and was the strongest out of my designs, keeping with the same colour consistency as the rest.

These images will be put into A1/A2 frames working as a set of three, in the exhibition.

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