Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Due to the event date running in the first week back after the christmas holidays, I would have to heavily rely on social media to promote the event. With this in mind I have to create a professional and seamless design across all of these platforms.


Twitter — @remixexhibition

I decided to also promote my exhibition on event brite to make it available to people outside of the university who would be interested in attending. In regards to design for this event it is restricted to the sites predetermined templates.


Facebook event pages and college web pages also promoting the event.

With the accounts set up, I posted regular updates on the event and how it was progressing. In doing this I had a lot of responses and interest in the turn up of the event which was pleasing.

I also regularly sent emails to the course administrators and marketing team to spread the word some of which are cited below.

The promotion within the uni will hopefully introduced a lot people to attend the event and to see if my research and ideas will be understood by people who do not know much about the subject.

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