Wednesday, 10 December 2014


For further analysis on the band, I decided to closely look and decode some of their most popular music videos, to draw connections between why they are popular and common themes.

November 2014 — 'Night Changes'
Views: 28,378,952 and counting

— Camera angles make audience feel like their on a date with each member, personalisation.
— Different members have different date locations, restaurant, park, fun fair, ice skating, home by the fire. Further insight into the boys characteristics.
—Turns into disaster at the end which is comical

October 2014 — 'Steal My Girl'
Views: 57,01,270 and counting

— Band characteristics reinforced at 1.12m sighting 'love, light, power, danger and mystery' for each member, with big tag lines under each member of the band and a screen still
— Destroy inhibitions, free fun and playful, theatric, comedic.
— Dancing in the rain, cliche to other boy bands before.

April 2014 — 'You & I'
Views: 115,672,038 

— Same outfits / interchanging faces
—Slow paced, serious
— Camera angles are close, with definition on eyes, creates a connection with the audience and the idea that they are looking at them.
— Playful and comedic at the end, playing with balloons and rolling on the floor.

January 2013 — 'Kiss You'
Views: 251,512,659

—Playful reincarnations of old music videos - Elvis + Wham
— A lot of theatrics to distract from song

July 2013 — 'Best Song Ever'
Views: 301,409,901

— Impersonation, role playing, funny outfits and disguises reinforcing their laid back and funny attitude.
—Big corporate company trying to define and stereotype the band.
— Listing outfits, dance moves that they try to defy 'Never in a million years'
— Super imposed faces on old boy bands such as village people, backstreet boys ect.
— Rule breaking and rebelling against the norm
—Graffiti, throwing things, creating a large scene 
— Distracting from song
— Big routined dance at the end, silly and staged. 

July 2011 — 'What Makes You Beautiful'
Views: 583,055,992

— Same outfits similar to old boy bands
— Frockling in sea
—Looking into girls eyes and sernading them
—Young, playful, all in sync movements around the camera
— Cliche and cheesy


Comedic essence within each song no matter what it is about.
Reinforced playful and carefree vibe which creates escapism for audiences.
A lot theatrics to distract from the song — creates passivity to the audience.

Audience interaction

Video's are open to comments on them. 
Fans and non fans are in constant battle about the like-ability and talent of the band. 
A strong fan base is held behind the band which reinforces their popularity.
Some comments reinforce Adorno's idea about 'real / serious' music.

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