Tuesday, 30 December 2014


For my exhibition programmes I wanted to take on a different approach and try something new, being influenced by critical writing and studying mass culture, I felt that I could utilise the idea of mass media which includes newspapers. I thought this would be a interesting interaction feature within the exhibition beside the artwork and so on. I decided to research into different magazine layouts and designs as a form of influence.

I really like the use of monochromatic colours and one bold colour to dominate the spread, this could be something I could use, using the signature colour red.

I really like the use of a coloured stock it sets apart the traditional aesthetic of a newspaper which is something I can research further into including.

The use of a single letter on the back of the newspaper really stands out and creates a bold look for the newspaper that would generally be something quite mundane. This is something I will use in my work with the letter R from the logo.

Overall I am exciting to start designing this newspaper as I have never worked in this format before. However the newspaper will be externally printed so I won't be manufacturing the newspaper myself which also something I have never done before, so I hope it will come out the way I have envisioned.

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