Wednesday, 31 December 2014


For the exhibition I looked into different videos that I could piece together for the projection onto the wall that could shows the similarities from the past and present. I decided to use the artists from the vision section to define it further. This video will at as a wall projection within the exhibition and be played on a continuous loop.

1. Madonna x Lady Gaga

Vogue (1990)

Stills from the video 

Alejandro (2012)

Stills from the video that emulate Madonna 

2. Lil Kim x Nicki Minaj

No Matter What (2000)

Stills from the video 

Pound the alarm (2013)

 Stills from the video that emulate Lil Kim 

3. Ian Brown x Liam Gallagher

Fools Gold Live (1990)

Stills from the video 

Whatever (1994)

 Stills from the video that emulate Ian Brown

With the videos found I began editing the clips on iMovie to show the comparisons using the original artist first and then the one who emulates them after.

I also decided to add some typography graphics to the video to expand what Re-Mix is about, expanding the definition of the logo through the use of different words that explained the process of sampling and my artwork.

I started off by getting the type from illustrator into photoshop and applying finished collages over the words to show texture and what to expect in the exhibition created a synthesised brand image. I continued with this process for the rest of the words.

To give a clear insight into what the exhibition is about I decided to add some quotes from my dissertation to further back up my thoughts on the research of this project.

I kept all the design using the same monochromatic colour scheme throughout, as with everything else in my project.

Final Video

I am really pleased with the outcome of this video this is something I am becoming more interested in experimenting with after doing it with a project last year. The more videos I incorporate into my practice the better my editing skills will get which is beneficial to me as a creative. 

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