Saturday, 24 May 2014


From my presentation and the feedback I received I felt that I had to focus my ideas further. 

To do this I got a book called "Writing your dissertation - Derek Swetnam" to read through to clarify my thoughts and ideas to see what possible routes I could take. The book breaks down questions about the dissertation topic through titles which I have answered below.

General area of study
Graphic design and Music.

Particular interests
Branding, popular culture, trends, art work throughout time.

More Specific
The effect of graphic / visual art work on the branding industry?
How design influences the popularity of music?

In a genre or location e.g Indie music in Manchester.

The importance of branding in the music industry.
The importance of music related visual / graphic art in Manchester.

From my answers I feel that the direction that I am going towards in is looking at the Manchester music scene and the popular artwork throughout time. Although this is a potential idea I still want to explore other options in what road I can go down.

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