Saturday, 24 May 2014


With some initial ideas in mind I started to draft a list of potential dissertation titles that I could focus on, also annotating themes and topics I could discuss in yellow.

1. What is the importance of branding and graphic design in the music industry?
    Consumers thoughts and feelings towards artwork, importance of being established, competitors 

2. What impact has graphic album artwork have on the music industry throughout time? 
    Iconic artwork that has influenced the industry, artists, musicians, historic

3. Has the latest advances in technology improved or discouraged the development of graphic design 
    for music or the users interaction? 
    Change in technology, scale, materials and user interaction

4. What is the importance of a branded image for an artist and how does this effect their success?
    Iconic band logo's, artist personas, styles, fashion statements, branded image, fans.

5. How has the music and design industry influenced Manchester?
    Peter Saville, factory records, hacienda, northern soul - possible documentary for exhibition, ect.

6. How has the graphic / visual art design of music changed the manchester music scene?

7. How has music developed in regards to visual aesthetic and style from the 90's to the 20th century?
    Transition of CD's, video, cassettes, vinyl, tape, MP3

8. Does the branding and artwork of music or an artists affect consumers buying habits?

9. Does the music and design industry effect the way we feel and think about a genre or artist? 
    This could include researching into stereotypes, identity, otherness theory.

10. Do consumers choose to listen to music because they like it or how it is branded?
      Generic vs highly graphic album art work, possible case study testing peoples opinions on what
      they would most likely listen to see if they are affected.

With some initial titles written down, I decided to go ahead with 'What is the importance of branding and graphic design in the music industry?'. However after some consideration I thought that I could focus this down more to the popularity of music and how it's sold. Thus leading to my new question —

Does branding and visual culture dictate the popularity of the music? 
Looking at subcultures, personal testimonies and studying artwork and buying statistics

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