Friday, 23 May 2014


From my COP 3 presentation I received a lot of feedback on what I can research over the summer and where I could go with my essay and practical piece. Below are a list of comments I received.

Written Piece

  • Make a link between your subject and a excising company.
  • Never choose music you like to design for.
  • Focus on the deeper meaning behind the album art
  • Artist names - Sell themselves with ideas.

  • Collaborate with Leeds college of Art or Music.
  • Contact students union for advice or help with promotion.
  • Peter Saville - Manchester Music
  • Local Artists - Real world context.
  • Research and start looking a exhibition spaces.


  • Focus on the visual culture of a genre.
  • Influential album art or design of all time, year, or decade.
  • Look into Idris Alba documentary on influential hip hop music.
  • Be Specific.
  • Focus on a band or a group.

I found the comments really useful for my to consider where I could go next with my project. One of the main points from the comments was that I had to research into exhibition spaces for my practical. With this in mind I created an action plan on what I could do.

Action Plan

  • Research and visit galleries and spaces in Manchester for potential hire.
  • Brainstorm and find a more defined focus for the essay.

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