Thursday, 1 May 2014


After developing my work digitally I decided to print out a few mocks ups to over look the layout and spelling errors.

From my research the exhibition booklets were generally produced at a small scale to I printed my first design in formats A5 and A6 to get a sense of which one would be most appropriate.


When reading through this mock up the font was very small and hard to read, also I felt the scale wasn't appropriate for the context of the publication as it was more of a flyer size.


After printing out the A5 design I felt that this was more appropriate size was and was more legible and readable. However looking through the publication still needed refining in regards to it's visual aesthetic, which I developed further.

After refining my design I then printed out the design again on a cheaper format and found that this was most suitable to context and the overall aesthetic. I also proofread the design and checked if there were any alignment issues.

After printing out my mock up designs I compared how they had changed throughout the process, it was interesting to see how my design had developed, and made it easier for my to see the design actually printed to make conscious design decisions.

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