Friday, 2 May 2014


For the poster designs I wanted to create something that was consistent with the design of the exhibition publication. Below is the screen shot process of how I designed my work.

Local Heroines

Initially I had the quotes at the left of the page, but it looked to text heavy and hard to read. I then decided to condense some of the quotes and make them more centralised for a more readable aesthetic. The developed designs are displayed below.

Pride of Black British Women

With the celebrity style images I decided to experiment further with keeping the same style as the previous images.

For the poster designs I wanted to replicated the same design as it had in the exhibition manual so that there was consistency throughout the design.

After establishing a colour and layout I began to add these to the rest of my work, to see the outcome.

However when trying to introduced colour into the design I felt that it didn't look right or stood out enough. I then started taking on the same approach that I did with the previous designs and centralised the image, so it matched what had been produced in the exhibition book.

After establishing a style, I then decided to make the images larger to fill more of the page, which is displayed below.

The Black Myth

I began by quickly highlighting the negative connotations of the words associated with black however I felt that it lost it's tone of voice of empowering black women. So i decided to develop this further by using positive connotations and images.

I initially started using images from the internet but felt they didn't really work with the vision I had.

I then started experimenting further with image and type experimenting with putting the image behind the type.

I then researched further into more typography to see what else I could use and came across the photographer Kate Friend that specialises in portraits of people from different culture and fashion. 

I decided to experiment with her images and develop them further into my own style and add typography.

 I then felt the design worked more cohesively with a set of different by same style images.

Love The Skin Your In

After establishing a style with the other posters, I created this section of the posters with the same style to create consistency and just changed the colour and content.

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