Thursday, 1 May 2014


For the development of my publication, I wanted it replicate a exhibition style zine, but also to be able to provide a good design for all of the text heavy content. The screen shots below are how I create my design and the process.

Guidelines and Grids

For my publication I used a 6x3 grid so that I could place all the content in a consistent and spacious grid.

Cover Design

Initially I started off with creating a simplistic typographic design experimenting with colour and font's to make certain elements of the title stand out. However I felt the exhibition cover looked more like a book cover than a exhibition piece. I then reflected back on my research and saw that there was a strong use of the exhibitions art of images to replicate this type of design.

With this in mind I started to develop a front cover experimenting with different images, type and other features to make it stand out.

I started using stock images of black women, and felt this image really represented some of the themes that were discussed in my essay, such as the colour complex and represented the different tones of black women. I then started experimenting with colour and opacities but felt that the blue didn't really work and reflected back to my colour research and chose more warm colours that represented black culture.

I then started experimenting with orange and felt this worked really well with the design as it connoted a sense of black culture with the warm tones and the image behind it reinforcing the message. I then changed the image to black and white to make the text stand out event more and made the design more simplistic.

I then added the date, where the exhibition will take black and a small bio underneath the logo and title to make it look more professional. As in the development of my work I changed the name of the exhibition from "women who wear black lead colourful lives" to "women in colour" as I felt it was more clear on what the exhibition was about and was more straight to the point.


For my contents page I wanted something quite minimal and to work across to pages. Due to the exhibition manual being quite text heavy I didn't want it to be dominantly like this throughout the whole design.

I then started to add images to the headings ensuring that each title had a reference image for the page to make the layout more visually appealing. This would also enable users to choose a section that they might have seen in the exhibition and reference back to it.

I then wanted to try and maintain a consistent layout throughout the design and changed the images to black and white again, and colour coded the sections of the titles to create a key for the audience to understand and refer to.


With the introduction I again introduced more photography, but then felt it was starting to look more like a fashion magazine than an exhibition design.

I then went back to experimenting with type and the previous title for the exhibition and bringing in the branded colours to create a more succinct design to the context in which it was about.

I then decided to make the quote more direct and simple using a tonal range of all the branded colours in the exhibition.

This was done to reinforce synthesis and a branding style.

Local Heroines 

For the local heroines title page I wanted to reinforce the colours again to highlight the first section within the exhibition. Again I wanted the design to be quite minimal and easy to read due to the bright colours that were going to be used within the design and kept this a template for the rest of my opening pages.

For the testimonies that I had gathered from the surgery, I wanted to use type and image to allows users to relate to who was in the exhibition manual and give emphasis to the testimonies.

Initially I worked with a scatterd style design were the images and text would be placed in different places, however it make the design look really messy and I wasn't able to fit in all the testimonies I needed.

I then started to explore further with other types of layout, but I felt the design again was too bare, or lacked any engaging design.

I then experimented with a more column style design that, I felt fit the context of the work and also enabled me to fit more testimonials on including another page. Again following the design guidelines I changed all the images to black and white so that the design would remain consistent throughout.

Pride of Black British Women

Initially I wanted to experiment with duo tone images to introduce the colour into the designs, however the colour quality on each image wasn't consistent and look slightly out of place.

I then started to follow the same guidelines as the designs done previously above to create a more consistent design introducing the colour into the by line and main title pages.

The Black Myth

For the black myth page I simply used monochromatic colours to keep in line with the rest of the book creating contrasting images for impact.

I also experimented with black and green but felt that it took away from the design and context of the message I was trying to portray in the book.

Love The Skin Your In

Again keeping in line with the rest of the previous design I kept the same format as the local heroines page, only changing the content, pictures and colours to maintain consistency.

Curators Message

For the final spread I decided to include a note from myself to create a sense of personalism and used a brush font to replicate my signature to look as though I had hand sign each copy. 

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