Thursday, 1 May 2014


Thumbnails: For my publication, I decided to draw a couple of images to get a sense of how I could execute the design.


From my initial idea's I felt that a magazine / zine style publication would work best for my exhibition due to the amount of content I propose to have in it.

Binding: From my research into publications for exhibitions, I found that the majority of them were either stapled or perfect bound. Due to time restraints and also the pages within my book, I decided to choose the stapling method for the design as I think this is the best way to keep in with the exhibitions aesthetic.

staple bound

perfect bound

Stock: Due to the book being about women in colour I thought I could use different coloured stocks in the booklet, however when working in indesign the pages are moved around so coloured paper wouldn't be paired up. I then looked at the exhibition leaflets and decided a matt stock would work best for my idea and would still bring out the bold colours I intend to use in my magazine.


Format: From my research the publications take quite small formats, I will propose to experiment with a multitude of formats for the production of my book.

With these idea's proposed I can now research further into colour, type and finally start mocking up the design.

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