Thursday, 1 May 2014


From my research I then deiced to look into a few examples of exhibition branding to get a sense of the type of design I can do for my work. I want to use a design with a bright aesthetic, and to be be image and typographically based.

I’m Glad We’re Different 
brings together Beatrice, Izziyana, Pete & YT, four local artists who come from different backgrounds and disciplines. Collectively, they explore the meaning of individuality and self, and the result is a delightful smorgasbord of art works done in differing mediums, each close to their creator’s heart and opinion on the theme.


Work: Branding & Exhibiting Artist

Nachik | Mood Exhibition 2013
Exhibition branding and design for 'Nachik Ltd', a local fabric manufacturer. Every year he presents a new collection of fabrics, whereas his current collection was inspired by works of art. The design project included interpreting each fabric from the collection and turning them into graphic patterns. This collection was presented in several fabric exhibitions throughout Europe.
This project was made in the course of my work at Alon Deri Studio 'Roof'. 

Conceptual exhibition and installation of the self initiated project "nearer".

Equal and Opposite
Exhibition graphics and branding for Equal and Opposite curated by Rachel Knoll

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