Friday, 2 May 2014


For the exhibition space I decided to research into places in manchester were I could propose mine to be. I initially looked at the Beehive Mill, due to it being a well known place were exhibitions are held and in the city centre.

I initially chose this space due to attending there before and also because it's a good space and in a good location. However after my critique with Richard, he suggested that I should look into community based places that would be more relevant to the context of my publication.

I then researched further into other exhibition places and community centres in Moss Side, which is where I am from where there are a lot of ethnic residents.


The Powerhouse Library is now open to all. Moss Side Powerhouse Library will throw open its doors for library users of all ages to give residents the opportunity to take advantage of the centre's enviable facilities. These changes will make the library's resources – books, computers with free internet access, and meeting room space – accessible to the wider community between the hours of 11am and 2pm each day.

Hideaway Youth Project has been providing innovative youth work since 1965 in the Moss Side area. Hideaway is a project aimed at young men and women aged 13-25 of all culture, religion and race, responding to the issues that are affecting them such as fear of crime and violence, not having a safe place to be, unemployment, healthy lifestyle, achieving their best and lack of confidence. We aim to give the young people a voice and in order for them to respond in a way that they feel they are being heard. We want the young people to have ownership of their community youth project and have activities that reflect their needs.

The Zion Community Resource Centre provides full internet access and computer facilities to the general public. 
The Zion Centre has been providing support and resources to the people of Hulme and the surrounding area since 1991. It has many facilities and rooms for dance classes, drama sessions and so on.

From the community centre I looked into I felt that the Hideaway project was the best one due to it's location and aesthetic. Even though it is a community centre it still has a really modern and contemporary aesthetic which will fit in with my idea's for the exhibition. I also know one of the workers there also and I spoke to her about my idea and she said that there are plenty of spaces available for exhibition idea's and I would also get it at a discounted price if I was to go ahead with actually doing the exhibition.

With the location established I also thought about looking into other projects for the community services that could sponsor my exhibition. Initially I researched into charities such as TUC - Stand Up Against Racism and  Womens Aid and WomanKind. However I felt that these didn't really fit in with my exhibition and I wanted to find something that was based in Manchester also.

I then came across the Reclaim ProjectRECLAIM is a multiple award winning leadership and mentoring project based in Manchester. The project empowers young people across the North West to make positive changes in their communities and to find inner strength and self belief. 

RECLAIM enables young people from the region's most disadvantaged communities to engage directly with the decision makers influencing their lives. Promoting leadership and facilitating dialogue with the police, council, politicians and media; RECLAIM helps those who are often marginalised to realise their voice. Directed by the agenda of its young members, RECLAIM enables young people to maximise their capabilities by pushing the boundaries of effective youth engagement.

I really felt that this project fit in well with my exhibition and the tone of voice behind it, so I wanted to propose this project as sponsors of my exhibition.

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