Thursday, 1 May 2014


  • Through my research I came across the Vanity of Man exhibition, I really liked the aesthetic and layout of the publication created using bright bold images to make the work stand out. I also really like the setting within the gallery which showed some really interesting full shot images with spot lights which really attracts the audience to the images.

  • BrittonBritton has worked with this fabulous project together with our dear friend Nicho Södling, the photographer, from the beginning. The projects consists of a vast suite of classic mid format celluloid film portraits of tribes people in the Omo Valley in southwest Ethiopia, near the Sudanese border, a grim and unforgiving, unaccessible roadless area which Claes Britton has also visited, on a river expedition back in 1988. To date, selections of the prints have been exhibited in Borås, Stockholm, Landskrona and Halmstad here in Sweden. We have also produced a book dummy. The project is still in process. It will be concluded after Nicho has conducted his third and expedition to the Omo Valley in the fall of 2012.

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