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For my research I also decided to look at existing, printed material from music events that focus on electronic / house music to get a sense of the aesthetic and format in which they were produced.



This is a lanyard from the Parklife festival that I attended in 2012, the lanyards format is at a small scale of A8 with a multitude of information about what artists are on at specific places in the festival. Lanyards also known as programmes and are an essential part of a music event so that it's audience can identify who they want to see at the event. The lanyard also uses laminated stock so that it's durable through the weather and a neck band so that it's easy to interact with.

Flyers / Posters

I also decided to look into a collection of posters and flyers to see the different formats in which they were produced.

This is a Parklife flyer from the 2013 event, and takes the format of a leaflet that opens out into a poster. This flyer is multipurpose for the consumer allowing them to read all the information about the event but to also have a decorative piece for the room. This design is deffinatley targeted at students as it's bright, colourful and the font's within the poster are youthful.

This is a WHP (The Warehouse Project) flyer from 2013 that also takes on that same format as the Parklife design. This design takes on a more serious tone with the use of colours and font's that connote a sense of professionalism. I really like the format of this flyer due to it being small and compact and easy to interact with. This format is something I would like to consider when producing my research book.

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This is another flyer for WHP, this is a double sided design that has a lot of bright colours and geometric patterns that fit in with the style of music played at the event. I really like the aesthetic of this flyer due to the way in which it is laid out the placement of vector images. 


I then looked into a multitude of wristbands for events to get a sense of what type of style these pieces took on.

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These are some wristband from some local music nights in Leeds, the style of these band are made out of paper and use a sticky adhesive that the audience can apply the wristband themselves. The bands simply use different coloured stocks to represent their event and black text to highlight which event it is. The gold wristbands also indicate if the person is allowed into a VIP area within the event. The colours of the wristband are an important feature with a music event so the staff and target audience can identify where they are.

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Another style of wristband I looked into was the festival wristband. These designs are mainly created from cotton and have a woven design within them with the festival name on them. Again these bands can be colour co-ordinated depending on what ticket the target audience has brought or what area they are camping in. 

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