Thursday, 13 February 2014


I looked at a collection of other apps that had a similar style and target audience to Asos. I looked at these features in order to see what they had and if they could be incorporated in the brief.

River Island

  • Information point
  • Icon based
  • Messages and notification button for orders
  • Wish list
  • Shopping bag
  • Event categories
  • Easy to navigate



  • Trends created by users through a scrapbook style.
  • Likes, views, comments and share buttons
  • An option to find the items in the collage and price with a direct link
  • Stop trends people have posted
  • Categories of clothes, beauty and accessories

Forever 21


  • Locator pin to find things / stores in your area
  • Look book of alignment genres
  • Barcode scanner to check online inventory
  • Direct link with Instagram #F21xMe
  • Follow looks and regular trends

Miss Selfridge

Nasty Gal


  • Bright colour and pattern designs which make the app standout.
  • Drag and drop features on items that go to a tote or online wardrobe option.
  • Sorting features for clothes to make a it easy for the user to navigate
  • Online cookbooks for users to follow and keep unto date with.

The apps above all have different features that are unique and interesting, I really like the visual aesthetic of the Nasty Gyal app as it's fun and youthful which would be relevant to a 20 something target audience which was mentioning the brief. I also like the features in the Polyvlore and the Forever21 where it allows users to create / post their own looks for users to look at and it makes it more personal the user.

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