Thursday, 13 February 2014


I decided to download some of the Asos apps that the company already had and to analyse the pro's and con's of these apps as a basis on what to include and exclude in the development of the project.

Asos Fashion Up

Pro: Interactive with use of slideshow.
Con: No initial explanation on what it is or the items are. Download over cellar network, which uses a lot of data.

Pro: Bright colours and clean fonts.
Con: Really slow connection to pages which is not user friendly.

Pro: A wide range of categories to suit a variety of customers, seasonal trends, catwalk to asks alternative.
Con: No initial explanation on what it is or the items are.

Pro: Items on articles are interactive and send you straight to the buying website to save hassle.
Con: A lot of content to sift through to find what you want.

Pro: Look book with asks clothes / price / where to buy it.

Con: No constant navigation bar to show homepage, although it does make the it look aesthetically pleasing.

A collection of ways to wear certain trends or use one key item in the wardrobe.

Articles on other things like music artists, events ect.

Pro: Timeline feature to scroll through articles. Small bio of what the articles include.

Con: Slow to navigate.

International translation for global consumers.

Other Features:
  • Good / creative photography
  • Location based
  • Interactive features like "show us your Asos" allows users to post your daily looks for others to be inspired by.
  • Includes beauty wear, music interviews
  • No male lead content, very directed towards females.

Asos Website App

Pro: Promotional codes and offers

Pro: Syncs account between website, mobile and app.

Con: Too many categories and sections to look through.

Other Comments:
  • 61 complaint reviews saying the app doesn't work and are not user friendly.
  • Icon based
  • Special events collections
  • Refine / sort options to make browsing quicker 
  • Multiple view options
  • Saved / wish list option 

I found this task useful in allowing me to see what features these apps included and what I can use in order to create something innovative for the brief. From this research I will now look further into what other competitors have to offer as a source of influence.

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