Friday, 14 February 2014


As a initial concept we wanted to create a small publication to go along side the app design for the brief. I decided to research into the aesthetics of the old Asos magazine and layout to gain some inspiration behind the brands style guidelines.

Cover Design

The Asos magazine traditionally uses a lot of layering techniques with images and a multitude of typefaces. The  magazine itself doesn't have a consistent type of style and often changes the colour of the logo to show variation in keeping up with current fashion trends.

(textures and bold prints)

Layout Design

I then looked at the design of the layouts in that the magazine produced as a source of inspiration. The magazine solely focuses on product photography and keeps the same design as the front cover in layering images and experimenting with a multitude of typefaces. The magazine is definitely geared more towards as younger target audience of the age 20 somethings.

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