Thursday, 13 February 2014


The client expressed that she wanted yellow and green colours with a nature and earther feel. I decided to look into a collection of work that had a similar style as a source of inspiration.


I looked into how type was applied to nature style setting and how I could apply this style to my work. The images below show a variation of earth tones and colours and would be a good consideration for how I develop my work.


From looking at the images above I decided to research further into the style of photography I could possibly take if I wanted to use this style of design. There are a lot of portraits of leaves and landscapes that bring out the warm tones she wanted and would be a good reference for me to look at if I plan on taking my own images.

Hand Written Style

The client also expressed that she wanted the work to have a poetic style, so I decided to research into hand written type. There is a multitude of ways that I could incorporate a nature style feel through illustrations or water colours.

Considering my strengths as a designer I feel that water colour based type or textures would be a good starting point for me to develop me work on. I have done work similar to this in my A levels and with these skills already establish it will enable me to complete the brief quicker.

I looked into water colour typography by Sarah Prood, these designs are very intricate and well defined, and give the text a pop of colour. However I think a script style font would be in favour of the designs for the client.

I then looked into watercolour backgrounds and felt these designs really stood out and were more up the clients street, the watercolour creates really interesting shapes and movement behind the typography.

From my research I feel more geared towards creating a water colour based design, I feel that this will bring out the colours the designer wants in their work but also gives the design a nature esk feel. 

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