Friday, 31 January 2014


From my product research into logo's and visual identity I then looked at how these events created a range of branding features.


Yay Festival.

The range for the Yay festival music event is extensive in considering both print and digital platforms. As discussed in my initial research into the importance of of creating a strong identity for consumers to relate to, I think this has been done successfully there with the use of colour pallet and font.


Northside's range takes more of a digital focus looking at website design and app designs for the event. This might due to the type of audience that festival is aimed at and the style of music. The simple colour pallet is maintained throughout the type, image and layout of the festival and makes the overall aesthetic cohesive and easy to identify.


The Fringe festival explore a wide range of products for the festival. Introducing both digital and printed media. I like the way that they use a simple colour pallet and a texture into the brands style to show a visual range of outcomes. The Fringe festival takes on a modernist and urban theme which are polar opposites but have been executed successfully in the outcome of the designs.

From this research I found it really interesting in looking at how a brands identity can be extended into a range of products and digital media to expand the brand. They designs again work together across a multitude of platforms and are relevant to the musical context.

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