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Chronologies: the arrangement of events or dates in the order of their occurrence:

Print: produce (books, newspapers, etc.), especially in large quantities, by a mechanical process involving the transfer of text or designs to paper.

'I love ballad in print alive , for then we are sure they are true' Shakespeare

If it is print then it is seen to be true
It is correct. It is factual.

Print is a way of capturing something

Documentation. Communication. Reproduction.
It is correct. It is factual

First print 200 AD - wood cut , we still carry on with this process now.

Europe didn't start printing till 1200AD

The first book - China 650 AD Buddhism standardising information.

Knowledge is power

First movable type in Asia  - Literacy boom

The medium in the message - Marshall Mcluhan 1911 - 1980 

Lino type machine , Really useful you typed and the letters came out of a block.
1884 many news papers used this until the 1970's

Etching came from when people would wear suits of amour 
Fuelled by religion

Mass communication - Moulin Rouge - Ladies of the night - Lithography

William morris - Asian influence repetitive patters/colours

lead into architecture

1870-visual tone beginning of propaganda

1930 - primary colours 

Daily star - February 2010 This paper is aimed at a particular demographic its essentially propaganda.

EDL project

'Well stand u fight for Britain's war heroes' Anti - Muslim Propaganda.

 Andre the giant
Jake the snake Vs Andre the Giant

Underground street artist 

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