Monday, 6 May 2013


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Context of Practice 1


J'nae Saunders

1.  What skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them?

I have learnt an extensive background knowledge on all areas of graphic design and art and design in general from the weekly lectures. These have really built my understanding of graphic design through the different style and decades introduced. I also didn't know about modernism and postmodernism, this effectively has changed the way I design things and look and analyse certain types of graphic design. I also have developed an understanding for the reason behind designs for example the russian revolution that created a whole new different type of design.

I have also learnt how to analyse and compare things which I have applied in my essay and other study tasks introduced by tutors.

2. What approaches to/methods of design production have you developed and how have they informed your design development process?

The methods of design production I have developed through this module that have informed my design development process is looking into the context behind an issue. The from theory into practice brief has enabled me to learn about the mods culture which has then made me design my book in certain ways to refelct that. For example using a red, white and blue colour scheme as that was the mods deffining colours.

I also think that by having a lecture on what a book is allowed me to see the endless opppertunities you could have with a book. This also enabled me to experiment with big idea's and then scale them down which was a fun process to see how far I could take my intial ideas.

I also feel that this module has broaden my approach into seeing different style of design such as modernism and postmodernism which was effectivly played a role in the way I experiment with my design. Before starting the course I would say that most of my designs were quite postmodern and very elaborate but finding a new appreciation for modernism has allowed me to strip back my idea's and experiment with more simple and direct approaches.

3. What strengths can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise on these?

The way I write and compare things in essays has been a strength in my work so far, I will capitalise on these by keeping up the same standard in other modules. I will also talk to my tutors more regularly to make sure I'm on track when I am writing.

Another strength I can identify in my work is taking a lot of information and scaling it down and simplifying it. For the from theory into practice brief I researched a lot of information about my topic and I was abled to create a booked based on images and quotes that backed up what the era was about

4. What weaknesses can you identify in your work and how will you address these in the future?

I find it hard sometimes to understand the briefs, the hardest task for this module has to be a brief history of, I think the final execution of my book looks professional but i'm unsure as to weather I have communicated what knowledge I have out about my topic successfully through the design. To address this in the future I will leave more time to adjust certain ideas.

5. Identify five things that you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from doing these?

  1. I think something that really slowed the progression of my book was the feedback I got, I think that if I took more time to sit down and think about what was said, apposed to being stressed about peoples opinions I could have left my self more time to adjust it.
  2. I also think that if I spent at least 1 hour after lectures everyday to type up my notes they would have been easier for me to remember and reffer to. I did this for a few months but lost track and I found it difficult to understand or remember what the subject was about. To overcome this I will bring my computer to lectures so I can type them us as the lecture is ongoing so I can save time.
  3. I would like to have use the notes I recieved back on my essay, although I got a good mark I would have liked to have been able to give myself enough time to take on richards notes and make my essay even stronger
  4. I think when it comes to researching I would like to be more organised with how I present and find my sources. This will save me scrawling through links trying to find what I previously looked at. I think when it comes to research I get abit overwhelmed and open hundreds of tabs instead of focusing on one section of research and executing that first. If I took more time focusing specifically on certain points then I could find stronger ideas and sources.
  5. I would have liked to explored further with my primary research, I think finding things first hand opposed to what someone else has written is more valuable to the development of work.

6.How would you grade yourself on the following areas: 
(please indicate using an ‘x’)  

5= excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = average, 1 = poor









Quantity of work produced


Quality of work produced


Contribution to the group


The evaluation of your work is an important part of the assessment criteria and represents a percentage of the overall grade. It is essential that you give yourself enough time to complete your written evaluation fully and with appropriate depth and level of self-reflection. If you have any questions relating to the self evaluation process speak to a member of staff as soon as possible.

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