Tuesday, 14 May 2013


For our final hand in we was grouped into groups of 4 and then paired with someone. One half was assigned to mark our blog and leave comments on a sheets and the other half was assigned to look at the practical work in the same format. 

I really liked this style of crit because we could look at one another work to see how they interpreted the brief and also receive some strong feedback for both sections of our work.

Danielle and Leo marked my work for the crit.

I agreed with the majority of the comments they made in particular the idea that I could of focused more on political issues in my research and book. I think that was a major part missing in my research. They also commented that my opinions could have been communicated more in my blog which is something I also agree with. I think I analysed a lot of what I saw but didn't really voice my opinion on them which is something I will take into consideration for the next module.

Overall I am pleased with the feedback I got, I was unsure if my work communicated what I wanted it to but according to my feedback from my peers I have successfully executed that on my blog and book.

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