Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Catalogue/product photography
Ghost mannequin
First permanent photography- nicephone niepieces earliest surviving photography
Louis Daguerre, boulevard de temple 1838
William Henry fox talbot
Invented a fixing process
Calotype - process tusing solver nitrate (black and white)
Lady Alice Mary Kerrs portrait of Wilfred blunt
Virginia oldoini, countess do castiglione, photography by adolphe Braun 1856
The countess of castiglione in a photo by Pierre Louise Pierson 1863/66
Age of fashion magazine
Improvements in printing, halftone, photos can be reproduced
Paul poiret
House of worth
Freedom from corsetry
Signature shapes hobble skirt harem pants
Edward Steichen, eminent photographer, pictorialist. Art et decoration 1911
Dramatic abstract shapes, careful use of light
Adolf de meyer. 1920s
Martin munkasci, early to mid 1930s
News and sport photographer inspired his fashion shots
La mode pratique, 1938
Vogue vs harpers bazaar
Leaders in fashion photography since 1920s
Hoyningen heune 1931 Madame voinnet
A beauty that is unreachable
Horst p Horst - dream of Venus - surrealism

Cecil Beaton 1904-198
British vogue an v fair
Photoed royals
Prolific diarist
Designed sets and costumes
Celebrity photography
Vivienne Leigh for vogue 1930s
Stylistic lifestyle and wealth
Important if was photographed by him
Stephen tennant
Queen Elizabeth || in 1968

Lee miller 1907-1977
American photographer and model at the age of 19
Avant guard designers and artists involved in the surrealist movement
War movement

Louise Dahl Wolfe
From 1936 to 1958
Night bathing 1939

Panorama of Paris, Suzy Parker in jacques fath gown 1953

Colour availed but not used extensively
William Klein
Documentary photographer, use of mice t
Commissioned to fashion photography

David bailey 1938
Mick Jagger
Working class self taught
Swinging London

Terence Donovan
Spy drama 1962

Brian Duffy
Jean shrimpton on edge ware rd 1960

Richard avedon 1923-2004
Hb till 1966
Vogue 1966 onwards
The book 'In the American west'

Helmet Newton

Guy Bourdin for Charles Jourdan shoes
Dark poetic

Jamel Shabazz, back in the days, published 2002

Straight up photography
Real people on the street
Street style
I.D magazine 1980
I.D vs The Face
Heroine chic
Drug and dancy style

Juergen Teller 1964
German photographer
Worked with Vivienne Westwood , Marc Jacobs
Works with musicians

Corrine Day 1965-2010
British fashion photography
Worked for The face & Vogue
Kate moss waif look
Tara - documentary project

Adobe Photoshop
Digital image manipulation
Graphics editing programme
First launched 2003

Terry Richardson
US photographer
Worked for vogue, vanity fair, I.D, harper bazaar

Nick Knight
UK photographer
Worked with yohji yammamoto in the 90s and with Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior
Vogue, another, vanity fair

Fashion blogging
Democratises fashion photography
Anyone can write about/photograph fashion
Tavi Genvinsons "style rookie"
Streetstyle Copenhagen
Poppy Dinsey 2011 - what I wore today
Company Magazine 20 more fashion bloggers celebrated,
put forward as a way into employment
Seems to celebrate real and street

Exacitudes- ari versluis
Neighbours 2008
Cassettes Gang 2008
Individuality is not possibly
Grouping people together

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