Wednesday, 23 January 2013


  • In opposition to mainstream cinema
  • Non linear / Non figurative / Non narrative
  • Open rather than closed
  • Requires a different kind of spectatorship
  • Difficult to define

'Un Chenin Andlou' (1929) dir. Luis Bunel 
Represents the repreassion of sexuality and the weight of religion

'Cremaster 3' (2002) dir. Mathew Barney
Surreal, non linear with lost of visual metaphors

'Sprials' (1926) dir. Oskar Fischinger
His movies played at the Bauhaus a very radical and artist movement.

'Lapis' (1996) dir. James Whitney
Bohemian , 60's vibe, optics and sensory process. Abstract cinema.

'Black ice' (1994) dir. Stan Brakhage
Handmade, romantic, most important film maker in 20th century.

'Moth light' (1964) dir. Stan Bralhage
Simular to black ice

Hypnagogic - mental state between waking and sleeping.

Andy Warhol empire
10hr long, unwatchable

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