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Auteur: a film maker
Hitchcock, Kubrick and Burton are all known for having a personal stamp.

The technical competence of the director
  • Expressionist lighting
  • Story telling visually in a silent era
  • Subjective camera
  • Dolly zoom
  • Clever use of montage
  • Gainsborough Hitchcock did a apprenticeship
  • Nosferatu F.W Mauranu '1923
  • Suggesting monster by shadow and lighting 
  • The lodger a story of london fog '1927 
  • Hitchcock was inspired by these ideas and creates his first film. Shadows, dark eyes, inspired by German and visual art
  • Problem solving visually and innovatively.
  • Subjective shot: putting yourself as one the characters in the film. -champagne and Jamaican inn
  • Experimenting with the audiences perception
  • Dolly zoom: an unsettling camera, feeling of distance and survere subjection
  • Virtigo / mans fear of height.
  • Tension, horror and anxiety
  • Cutting and montage what is drama but life with the dull bits cut out
  • Pysco storyboard 1960
  • Fragments everything due to the morals on the time no blood or naked women could be shown. Impressionist
  • Aucestration : loud notes / soft notes
  • Signs and image to create shock
  • Pure cinematics the assembly of film
  • Drama through scale, pace and montage   
The directors distinguishable personality

  • Expressionism: form evokes emotion
  • Cameo appearances of the director
  • Narrative is often visual rather than told through dialogue
  • Continuous of certain actors
  • Obsessive use of the blond actresses
  • Suspense
  • Blondes make the best victims
  • Suspense is generated when the audience can see danger his characters can't see
  • There's no terror in the bang of a gun just the anticipation
  • Vivid in the terror or simplicity not a lot of blood
  • Not concerned with realism or naturalism
  • Not interested in telling a story but expressing emotion
  • Vertigo : voyeurism - watching
  • The mind and the effects of trauma, cause people to behave in certain ways.
  • Madness and mental health
  • Stylistic, colour filters, surrealism, symbolism
  • Cameo- self portrait
 Interior meaning
  • Leaves Gainsborough to work in studios in American
  • David o Selznick introduced him to psychoanalysis
  • They make Rebecca, spellbound and notorious
  • Salvador Dali collaboration Imagination of how to represent things
  • Interest in the deeper recesses of the mind
  • Birds eye view
  • Bird symbolism
  • Themes: ordinary people, identity, espionage and spying, murder and madness, humor, sexuality , dark vintners of the mind.  
 Criticism of auteur's
  • Disguises the work of others ( art directors, cinematographer)
  • Male based
  • Universal view of quality
  • A capitalist device by selling a film by virtue of its directory

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