Tuesday, 4 December 2012


'What are the differences between fine art and graphic design?'

  • The use of material
  • The messages they try to portay, fine art is classfied as self expression and leaves the audience to clarify it's own interpretation, whereas graphic designs purpose is to provide a clear and concise message to it's audience.
  • The purpose and context
  • The scale and location
  • Credibility
  • Fine art is associated with high culture and class. Ruling classes determined what was affluent - painting, caviar, champagne opera. Elitest.
  • Audience
  • Mass production vs. indivual production
  • Historical specificity vs. timeless
Graphic design was first introduced in the mid 90's and based around industrial capitalism and mass dissemination.

Arisam, M 2003' put the arts into a controversial order of importance
  1. Fine art is pure.
  2. Illustration is the beggining of selling out.
  3. Graphic design is commercial art.
  4. Advertising is selling - period.
Considerations of fine art vs. graphic design
  • Ambiguity or complexicity of meaning
  • The designer as a wage labourer
  • Cultural significane
  • Expression and individuality
  • Creativity / problem solving
  • Function

A painting by Van Gogh called Twelve sunflowers, the painting gained credibility after his suicide and sold for approxiamtley £32.56 million. However controversially a series of paintings were brought by Japanese gangsters to hide blood money, which questions the credibility of the artist and fine art as a whole.

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