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For my brief I was assigned to research the topic of Roswell over the Christmas period. I would explore primary and secondary resources that would lead me to a better understanding of the subject and see we're it would take me.

Roswell is a city in, and the county seat of, Chaves County in the south eastern quarter of the state of New Mexico, United States. 

The population was 48,366 at the 2010 census. It is a centre for irrigation farming, dairying, ranching, manufacturing, distribution, and petroleum production.

It is also the home of New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), founded in 1891. The city is nicknamed: "All American City" or "Alien City" -Wikipedia


File:Roswell flag.svg

File:Roswell NM logo.png
The image is used to identify the organization Roswell, New Mexico, a subject of public interest. 

Roswell is most popularly known for the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, even though the crash site of the alleged UFO was some 75 miles from Roswell and closer to Corona. The investigation and recovery of debris was handled by the local Roswell Army Air Field.  


According to some of the links 'no case has received the world-wide attention as the Roswell event of 1947. Not only did the alleged crash of a flying saucer create mass coverage at the time of the event, but remains today as an often discussed case by which all other cases are judged.' Due to the story gathering a lot of press around the world, I researched what the newspapers were reporting at the time.

Images of the debris from the crash.

debris debris debris
debris debris debris
I read The Roswellian Syndrome: How Some UFO Myths Develop by Mason Bilderberg, from his research he suggested that the UFO incident had been covered up by US government officials. So I decided to look into this further, which then led me to the officials behind the conspiracy, known as the Majestic 12.


Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials. It was formed in 1947 by U.S. President Harry S. Truman. It's purpose was to investigate the recovery of the UFO north of Roswell, New Mexico during July 1947.


President Harry Truman's letter of authorization on "Majestic 12"

There has been speculation about what the US government, may be hiding regarding UFO's and alien visitors. Witnesses at the time claimed of a military operation took place to recover the alien craft and aliens. 
The result was summarized in two reports by the government.
·      Project Mogul
·      Project High Dive 

Further investigations have continued since.


In 1989, mortician Glenn Dennis put forth a detailed personal account, wherein he claimed that alien autopsies were performed at the Roswell base.

Nurse Drawing

"A nurse friend of Mortician Dennis tells him a remarkable story. While working at RAAF, she is called by doctors to assist in an "alien autopsy". She is sworn to secrecy, but must confide in someone. She later meets Dennis, and draws him a sketch of what she saw. She shortly is transfered, and never heard from again. The news of the "flying disc" makes headlines world wide, and Mac Brazel begins to regret the day he found the strange debris." - Source

Film footage claimed to have been taken by a U.S. military officials shortly after the Roswell incident, supposedly showing an alien autopsy. Ra y Santilli supposedly released the footage and the authenticity of the footage is questioned. - Talk on the Real Alien Autopsy

 Whilst watching the autopsy I took some observational notes.


I also looked at comments that the YouTube users put after watching the footage also, to see if they believed if the footage was real and their views on the incident.

Danny Arce: "Ok how many details and weird organs with blood, abnormal size eyeballs six finger hands etc., do they have to show you guys to simply believe its not a human. Just because some powerful agency say its fake we find shelter on that ideal because its simply scary.The video simply leaked beyond the government control to stop it..So they do the only option they had and that's make people think its a hoax. We believe only what we want to belief. Seriously could we handle the truth? I don't think so"

GhostVG13: "Its all fake people. Roswell was a cover up for P.O.W of WW2 and they use area 51 to store P.O.W from past wars"

jay henry: "the autopsy.could be real, aliens can resemble humans or maybe the other way around? Aliens head is larger they are intellectually superior to humans. experts who tried to debunk this video confirmed that after studying this video they saw nothing that could dispute the integrity of this video in any detail. (equipment, details in the background of the room, clock and phone on the wall) are all consistent nothing out of place! hard to say if footage is a hoax or not?"

epoppinbazz: The video quality of this apparent 1940s footage doesn't even look authentic - simply a black and white effect from a post 2000 digital camera. And besides, the guys who made this came out into the public light revealing that it was a hoax, and if I remember correctly Ant and Dec made a comedy film about the making of this "Alien Autopsy"

From the users comments there still an indication on weather they believe the video and incident is true. I found these comments insightful and interesting to hear it from multiple peoples point of view. 

In 2006 there was a spoof film made called "Alien Autopsy" which stared British Tv hosts Ant and Dec.  - IMBD Synopsis

There was evident speculation about UFO craze indicated in the users comments. I decided to research further on how Roswell was effected today, from the incident.


In New Mexico there is a tourist museum catered specifically to the Roswell incident. The museum offers tours, a gift shop, a researchers lounge, celebrity appearances, festivals and much more.



A image from the museum, replicating the Alien autopsy scene which was caught on film and marking the remembrance of the 509th bomb group.

Another attraction in Roswell is the spacewalk simulator. 

"Its an immersive art installation in black light, unique to Roswell, for the interest, edification and delight of the entire family that transports them through time and space, following future from the past into outer space and beyond."

There is a paisley vortex that people can go into and go into the history of Roswell. It offers and panoramic view of outer space as if you was inside an alien spacecraft.

For my primary research I decided to investigate what UFO resources there were locally. 

The Museum of Science & Industry

I looked at Manchester's museum of science and industry. The musueme had loads of events on but none of which that linked to my research and focused more on engenearing and cotton mills.

The Manchester Art Museum

Yinka Shonibare MBE, Dysfunctional Family 1999

I also looked at Manchester's art gallery to see what exhibition where on. I found a fascinating exhibition that was displayed in 2007 and unfortunately had ended . Alien Nation explores the relationship between science fiction, race and contemporary art. Twelve contemporary international artists use science fiction and extra-terrestrial forms to explore racial difference as a metaphor for the threat of the outsider. The artworks include film, sculpture, photography and multi-media installations.

The Museum of Mystery

I also looked at the Museum of mystery to see if they had any information of the subject of aliens. The museum unfortunately only looked at insects and dinosaurs.

The Lowry Museum

The Lowry was another museum I looked into in Manchester, However the event I found that specialised in UFO and Alien life had passed.
Event: Resident Alien Feb 02

The London UFO Museum

I also planned to travel to London to see if there were any museums that specialised in extraterrestrial life and UFO's and came across a non profit organisation that was campaigning for funds to build a UFO museum. The website displayed their plans for the museum and offered a mock up exhibition. 

Exhibition: Source 

Due to no further resources, I chose to investigate deeper into the MJ-12 group.
After watching the UFO files - Majestic 12 on the history channel  I was really interested by the secret society that covered up the UFO crash. 

I read the Roswell: Birth of a Myth and accoring to studies '80 percent of Americans think the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms'. — 1997 CNN / Time Poll

I created a survey to find out peoples knowledge of the UFO incident in Roswell, and if they had any opinions on the government cover up or secret societies. 

From my results, I found that 70% had never heard of Roswell, 100% had never heard of MJ-12 and 85% believed there were secret societies. These results changed my direction of research as I wanted to find out more about secret societies.

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