Wednesday, 24 October 2012

OUGD401 - Postmodernism

Introduction to Postmodernism.



  • A term applied to a wide range of cultural analysis
  • It may be said to begin with pop art
  • Consumerism: social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods
  • Postermodernism: 1960- present : reaction to these rules "only rule there are none"
  • Kitsch: bad taste and knowing it
  • Postmodernism: complex, chaos, bricolage, parody, pastiche and irony. An attitude of questioning conventions, multiplicity celebration of surface. Questions old limits
  • Western European - North American
  • Women, sexual diversity and multiculturalism
  • Las Vegas - postmodern city/ simulation of a real society. Mini places such as the pyramids and the synfix like in Egypt. Replicas of the real world outside.
  • Architecture with no notion of truth to materials.
  • Identity as a consumer/ kettle - juicy salif
  • Postmodernism fashion - 60's, punk sex boutique
  • Questions of rules and conventions in society
  • Hussein chalayan - WW fashion design
  • Political or fashion statements / notion of depth or fashion?
  • Andy Warhol: pop art/ postmodern/rise in consumerism/ celebration of everyday
  • "Campbell soup"
  • Roy Lichetenstein/ Jeff Koons: Kitsch style
  • Damien hirst : divided 1993
  • Auto biographical piece sarah lucas au natuurel 1994
  • Jake- Dinos champman: shock factor or a serious statement?
  • Chris ofili: black artist / political, serious, statment. Elephant dung. 'Captain shit head' - white perception, shock factor
  • Surface vs. depth
  • Martin creed no 18
  • The house of Osama Bin Laden 03' video game, fine art
  • David Carson: ray gun / postmodern/ grunge generation - face, I.D / look & lifestyle / cool factor than actually read
  • Barbara Kruger: feminist artist / synical statment of society.
  • Selfridge's 'buy me. I'll change your life'
  • What is it's purpose?
  • Banksy vs Andy / statement vs parody
  • Things close to be shocking
  • Fine art vs popular culture
  • K foundation
  • Marginalised discourse
  • Question of notion of value and how it's assigned
  • Postmodern attidute of conventions
  • Postmodern aesthetic = multiplicity of styles and apporaches
  • Altermodern : watch
  • Standford: website on postmodern

  • Modernism: simple, utopian ideas, truth to materials
  • Modernism: 1860-1960 : reaction to WW1 optimism and aspirational

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