Tuesday, 6 January 2015


The design features for the exhibition were an imperative part for curating the space to make is visually engaging for audiences. I drew up and planned a lot of product and layout designs for how I could utilise the space and the following pieces that were included are detailed below.


Utilising the resources at university to create my 3D signage for the exhibition I brought some 6mm MDF and laser cut my logo into the wood. I had two create 2x designs one for the front of the exhibition and a smaller one for the comment box.

I initially wanted 12mm but due to the settings on the machine I will have to cute 2 x sets of the logo and glue them together.

To combine the logo I had to sand down the letterforms and using wood glue mount them together, I followed this process for all of logo.

With the logo being red, I decided to spray paint this feature to keep inline with the branding of the exhibition.

*spray can*

The spray paint I brought was of a low quality and wasn't the exact colour I wanted but after 3-4 coats I was pleased with the outcome.

— Final


After the design was dried it was mounted onto the exhibition front wall with screws. Overall I was extreamly pleased with the outcome and came out how I envision however if I have enough time I would of liked to spray paint the screws red to make the design more consistent. I have never done 3D signage before so this was a challenging but fun experience and a new crafting skill for me as a designer.

Headphone Hangers

The headphone hangers were out sourced and created by the wood technicians within LCA and spray paint by myself in white to match the aesthetic within the exhibition space.

The wooden boxes were also out sourced by the same supplier, the technician created shelves and and open top lids with holes so the music players could work inside the boxes.

I started off by painting all the boxes again to fit in with the overall design of the exhibition space.

Then finishing off with the lids which will be placed on when it is set up and all the equipment is availble.

— Final


black viynle image

cut out viynl image

The vinyl id the exhibition was vinyl for wayfinding and for the audience to identify with 

Programme hangers

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