Wednesday, 25 June 2014


During the summer period I decided to research and visit some exhibition spaces in Manchester for primary research and for potential bookings for my practical piece.

Exhibition Spaces

I researched into a multitude of galleries which are listed below.

From this research I then propose to visit, collect images and prices for these exhibition spaces for further consideration for my event. 

Action Plan

From the list of galleries that I researched into I then decided to call up the galleries and create appointments for viewing. I created a action plan of the appointments I had booked to visit the galleries and I will post my finding of each gallery to my blog.

Thursday 26th June: Z- Arts Gallery 

Wednesday 2nd July: Manchester Arts & Design Centre

By creating this action plan and getting some primary research into these spaces in Manchester will benefit the process of my practical piece for my dissertation. In the process of this research I hope to find a space that will be within my price range and work with what I propose to create.

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