Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Today I spoke to the Artzu Gallery to book an appointment for a viewing.

The Artzu Gallery is firmly established as the most progressive independent gallery space in Manchester for more than a decade, ARTZU Gallery proudly stands like a beacon for art lovers, artists, private collectors and corporate art buyers alike.

In my talks with the owner, he expressed that I had to send over a proposal form of what the exhibition was about and what I wanted to have in the exhibition. The gallery would then decided weather they wanted to host my exhibition of not, which would then lead to me having an appointment.

With this in mind we discussed pricing for the event and it would cost £1500 minimum for the day as it is an independent gallery. Although the space is really nice and situated in a good location in Manchester, this is out of my price range.

In calling this gallery I found that it was really beneficial for me to see how much the exhibition space alone could possibly cost. This is something I really need to consider overall for my event and will help me know my limitations for my practical. For my on-going research I will be sure to ask imperative questions about the spaces to ensure that I am aware of what I can plan for in the future.

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