Wednesday, 2 April 2014


From my theory into practice I felt that the research I looked into oppressed Black women and focused on the lack of cultural diversity across the media. On reflection of this I decided to turn this idea on its head and focus on empowering Black women within the community, through curating my own exhibition.

Although there is a black history month and a international women’s day, there isn’t an event that caters to both of these combined and that’s where I felt I could create something new, fresh and inspirational.

The themes that stood out to me the most from my essay and from my research was the idea that there was a lack of Black British role models, the colour of a black women’s skin is alerted or changed due to the perception of beauty, the negative connotations that are attached to the word black and also speaking to real people.

For my practical I propose to create a set of 20 posters defining different sections of empowerment for black women from the themese that were discussed in my essay. A exhibition book with further in depth research from real people and their testimonies and finally presentation boards with the exhibition digitally proposed.

The design and the concept are influence by black British culture and also modern aspects of design.

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