Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I decided to look into the digital branded material Parklife presents to it's consumers to get an idea of the format, style and structure that goes into a music event like this. 

2010 - 2011



In the previous years the digital branding has been kept consistent throughout, working with the flyers, posters and other printed material as displayed in the previous post.


The 2014 website has taken on a more hand rendered feel again with the use of illustrations by the artist David Bailey

The website is really interactive with the illustrations popping up in different corners of the page which create a comic and youthful feel to the website. The colours and other illustrations of leaves also creates a sense of nature and summertime feel. 

The website also caters to a host of features including links to social networks, a constant news update on the festival and other related music events, their partners who sponsor the festival were it be through club nights or companies and were to buy tickets.

I think the design of the website really work well with the playful vibe of the festival, the interactive features really make the website comical and enjoyful to look through. The aesthetics is consistent throughout which is an important feature in branding. The website has enough information for it's users to know about vital information about the festival and to also interact with for other news in music which makes it multi-functional.

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