Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Brands communicate using a range of techniques, some of which are obvious and some of which are more subtle. A good brand works on every level and communicates the desired message to the company’s target audience. 

To start my research I looked at the Parklife branding guidelines to get a sense of how they represent themselves and if they do this successfully and effectively to their target audience.


The Parklife Weekender is a two day live music festival, that takes place annually in Manchester. The event is usually met with high spirit, as the timing often coincides with the end of exams. However it would not be fair to deem this event as one just for the students, with secret gardens, a busker stage and various other installations, there's something there for everyone who enjoys when indie and electronica collide.

The Parklife festival logo has changed every year up until recent in 2013 where it has remained the same till 2014. The logo style is generally bold or uses geometric patterns and bright colours to attract it's audience which is students aged between 18 -28. 

The 2013 / 14 design uses hand renderd and brush style typefaces to make the event look informal and young. The geometric pattern within the letterforms also excudes a fresh and playful feel which the festival is like. Depending on the background of a flyer or poster the colours can change showing a variation in styles for a wide target market. The small icons of a man and woman show the festival is for both genders and with the use of a speech bubbe and flag connote that it's something to be talked about or shared.


The colours used in the parklife branding have varied between black and coloured textures / patterns. For the 2013 / 2014 branding there have kept the same colours using pink in the logo and imagery from the festival and artists.

The pink used in the branding is possibly used to make the brand look youthful and vibrant and is not for the representation of genders but more for the representation of fun and playfulness.


The font used for the logo for Parklife is Festivo letters no.5 and can be found here <. The font is hand rendered and creates a youthful and playful feel to brand which fits in with it's demographic of students.

The body copy / tag lines used on the website and for printed material is The Hand and can be found here <. The font has a family of different weights and styles but the most consistent one used throughout their branding it The Hand Black.


The Parklife festivals images include a lot of film filters to make the images look warm and old school to create a summer and nostalgic feel. The images switch between polaroid shots to professional gallery images of the venue and surroundings to show their audience a variety of what the festival has to offer.


Artist: The artist polaroid shots include the artists signature underneath them to create a more personal feel approach and allows the target audience feel a personal connection with them.

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