Friday, 21 February 2014


After speaking to PIN studio's and looking at their branding on the Parklife festival, I decided to look further into what else they do.  Based in Manchester the studio are responsible for designing many events in the manchester music scene, through it's branding, print and web. The company is responsible for branding music events such as the warehouse project, now wave and the royal Albert hall, which are all things I am really interested in personally and aesthetically.

The studio creates edgy and bold designs for their clients, which are individual and memorable for it's consumers to relate to and identify with, which is an essential skill to have in branding music events.

I decided to expand my research a little bit further so I could build upon my awareness of music events branding and focus on this studio due to the way in which they execute their designs and how successfully they do it. I will look two other events they have promoted and analyse how they execute these through their branding style focusing on their most current work.

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