Friday, 28 February 2014


One of my roles in the collaboration was too look further into styles and trends that I could piece together for the shoot. 

To start my research I reflected back on what was said on the primary research results to see what trends the consumers had suggested are current.

What do you predict are the new trends?
  • Folk wear, florals and knitwear.
  • Bright florescent colours, gym wear and lycra
  • Wide leg pants
From the research there wasn't a lot to go by, so I decided to look on some well know fashion blogs.

I looked on '' which is a website that allows bloggers globally to post current and popular trends for the season. I found that this would be the perfect place to get a sense of a wide range of peoples styles of 20 something. 

From the website I found there were a wide range of categories which I listed
  • Urban
  • Sophisticated
  • Preppy
  • Grunge
  • Vintage
  • Sporty
  • Monochromatic
  • Pastel
  • Block Colours
  • Prints
  • Co-ordinates
From the list of styles and sub-genres I felt that I had found a lot styles I could play around with and research into further on the Asos website to find how they would suit the brand.

Having already looked into the trendss for Asos I decided to look into their biggest online competitor boohoo to get a sense of how we could incorporate both styles.




The company covered a range of really interesting looks and some styles that had come across in the primary research and from the cookbook website.

From looking into the trends I thought I could also research into styles of photography that we could use for the photoshoot. Having already looked into the print campaigns for Asos I decided to look into their other online competitors to get idea's for location, shot types and so on.

Looking at these images has given me an idea on how we could have the photo shoot depending on weather it is a studio or location setting. Another important factor to the photo shoot is the clothing as it's what makes the shots stand out and defines the whole look and aesthetic of what we are trying to propose. With this research I can now start piecing looks together.

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