Saturday, 25 January 2014


Considering the Oasis brief and the brands value I wanted to create something that will look similar to what the store has but with my input on it. 

As a starting point I decided to look online at the Oasis logo and the fonts they use online.

The company use a mixture of 1-3 fonts with bright colours and textures within or behind them. They also use a multitude of swirls and other feminine touches such as flowers.

From my research I decided to look into fonts I could potentially use for my design. I found that Oasis used a multitude of 3 font in their designs and wanted to find 3 strong ones that worked together that I could experiment with.

I looked at a range of font's on Behance, Lost type and Dafont. However I decided to experiment with these fonts initially to see which had the best outcome.

Block Font


San Serif

I think these font are strong and are relevant to the Oasis style, but slightly different to give the company a new edge. Like I previously mention I wanted to create something that was inline with the Oasis brand but with a bit of my style also.

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