Friday, 24 January 2014


From my visit to the Oasis store I thought I could research further into other flagship stores and how they execute their designs and visuals.

Minki Balinki: Through my research into way finding designing, I came across a company called Minki Balinki that specialise in window and shop displays and have also designed for Oasis's. I thought this was valuable to look at ways in which they represented the brand and how I could gain influence from them.

Flagship Stores: I decided to research further into the flagship stores to also gain inspiration on the context in where my images can be displayed. I looked at the London, Leeds and Manchester stores.

From this research I again found that there was a lot of installations and crafted typography in the store to make it stand out. With this in mind I again needed to research further into this style of typography to get an idea on how to execute it.

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