Thursday, 5 December 2013


Today we had some visitors come into uni to talk about web design, under the name of Numiko
Numiko are a Leeds based company who have worked with a multitude of high profile clients who want website and other digital media. Below are some notes I have taken from the talk.

Designing for screen by Matt Tweedle and David Eccles.

Digital agency in Leeds.

What do they do?

Digital things
public and entertainment sectors
dont sell thing and make produces that are usable and meaningful.
Clients: channel 4, bbd, disney, design council. nhs, university of leeds, nspcc, water aid, cancer research and nesta

Why are the limitations of web?

too many limitation
designers need to be able to code
designing websites all the time must get boring
web designers lack an understanding of esign principles
you need to move to london to work on high profile projects
we believe these are all wrong.

Limitations that are disapearing

responsive grids
scaling vector graphics (SVG)
html5, canvas and open GL
connection speeds.

Designers don't have to able to code.

Not boring, web is constantly evolving with technology and a host of new exciting challenges. Maturing industry, we take design seriously.

- Clients.


Make stuff do things.
Cube, a single pixel the start of digital making. 
Considering what else it can adapt to like mobile phone apps.


A lot of illustrations, type and colour.
Commuincate a need  for water and it's impact.

Lewis Hamilton

A timeline of his life.
Modern and personal.
Social networks to promote his personal life.
Similar to design for print.
Iconography is a good foundation to do all of the stuff for web.

The Lottery
Office for National Statistics
Channel 4
Film 4

Design Council

Discover. define. design, develop, deploy.

Understanding audiences: who they are, what they need, to understand their digital lives, to understand your organisational needs from a digital platform. to ensure we're answering the right questions throughout the project.

Developed personas for people / potential target audience to consider user  needs.

Finding the right balance between something that is over the top and intuitive  To something simple and is aesthetically pleasing.

Clear - Flexible - Simple - Creative.


Mobile first. 

Device agnostic.


 Focus on content: reduce interface debris and focus in delivery of content

Make it simple: functionality should be designed to be entirely intuitive and obvious

Embrace less is more: strive to achieve the same functionality through as few visual elements as possible without sacrificing clarity.

Be consistent: use concisistent design patterns to reduce user thinking time

Consider context

Be bold

Development for a client or website.

Proposal: 3 weeks
Final: 6 - 8 weeks

Not many designers on a project, they have some what ownership. For placements they work on live breifs and get placements for two weeks.


Typography designers.
Illustrations / Digital illustrations.

I really enjoyed this talk, it showed all the possibilities you can create in web which is was a source of influence in the production for this module. 

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