Monday, 11 November 2013


When researching into website design I came across a couple of website that had a similar approach to what I wanted to achieve. I decided to break down what the website had in order for me to apply some of these features to my own website as a source of inspiration


Mag spreads is a website that features magazine design from all different genres. The website maintains a simplistic grid and colour scheme. It is packed with information about stories behind the magazines and  includes a continous feed of popular posts. 

The website in my personal opinion is quite over crowed and doesn't allow the users to have the opportunity to see the covers of the magazine individually and choose what they want to look at, which is something I will work against. However it does have a lot of useful features to external social links and information behind who has designed the magazines.



gallery / blog


Cover Junkie

Cover Junkie is also a website that features magazines form a multitude of genres around the world. The website works with a gallery on the home page and create an instant interactive feature with it's users which is something I will consider in the production of my website.  Similar to MagSpreads the website has links to social networks and factual information about the people who have contributed to the magazines.  One feature I thought was very interesting was that website has it's own annual magazine that features the best covers that it's users can buy. Considering the time I have for this project this is something I would like to create or propose for my website also.





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