Thursday, 31 October 2013


After coming up with a concept for my website, I thought the best way to see if it was appropriate was to create a survey and send it to my target audience. I sent this survey to some students from LCA and my old college to get an all rounded view.


Some of the results I received were very useful, for me to identify what my audience wanted on a website like this.

From the results I also enabled people to leave comments. These included.

  • Use names of designers and links to their personal pages
  • Websites like design inspiration and design milk have good information and navigation
  • I think this website would be useful 
  • Include clear images and links to find them

Although some of there results were useful to me creating the website, there were also some of the surgery takers who would find the website useful. I think this is down to personal interests and preferences. This then made me considers my target audience more and felt it was aimed at a niche audience who are specifically interested in fashion editorial design. I thought that this might be a problem at first but considering all the websites out there, there is something for everyone to enjoy individually.

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