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OUGD401 - Creative Advertising

Creative Advertising
A look into the history of the soap franchise.

  • Key points in the historical narrative presented
  • The contexts: historical, political, economical. modern advertising emerged internationally
  • Traces how large scale colour printing technology developed in the 19th century
  • Lever brothers
  • Integration of art and technology
  • The beginning by Wight - Robin Wight : '118 118' & 'The futures bright the future Orange.'
  • William Hesker Lever 'WHL'1851-1925 : Lever bros
  • Bill Bernbatch 1911-32 first to combine copy writers & advertisers
  • Ubiquitos brand
  • WHL - first british tycoon/ born 1851
  • sun light vision, lux to lynx/ LB founded 1885 james darcy and william hesker lever
  • 1851 great exhibition- colour print on larger scale
  • Hegarty, 2011 pg 7

Pre packaging
  • 1860 cereal brands found how to6 print/ fold/ fill boxes mechanically
  • WHL was the first to advertise extensively pre pack soap adding the value of the brand
Ad boom
  • Ad's aided by tax cuts on papers 1855-1861
Print boom
  • 1890 technology enabled contempary paintings to be reproduced
  • Height of the empire
  • First multinational adverts did 1885
  • Contemporary art - So clean used signs such as : White, linen, children, copyright - lever
  • The signs connoted a sense of pure, delicate and innocence
  • Alice in wonderland - exhibition at the Tate modern, Lewis Carroll  infant mortality rate, children was a popular subject, new, blessing, purity, life.
  • "A dress rehearsal" -subject matter, wedding dress, modified, passed down, family, passing beauty secrets.
  • Emotional strategy
  • WHL Selected and presented contemporary art with a powerful and desired message. Interesting and innovative way.
  • Imagery and entertainment
  • Text based adverts
Advertising advancements
  • Unileve/ AXE - "confidence is what teens lack"
  • Online game - audience interaction
  • Campaigns involving the audience more
  • Creative agencies sold spaces in newspapers for adverts
  • Innovative soap event: washing competition at lake Geneva 1889 
  • Royal endorsement from 1892 for the soap company
  • Wrapper promotions to win prizes
  • Capture the children through parents to get free gifts
  • WHL spent 2 million in the first two decades of making soap
  • Art direction: A vision to disguise slavery, palm oil, plantol depict tropical
  • First worldwide ECD: collaboration of creativity
  • First ambient: innovative bus and telephone stations, choosy about papers, not left wing
  • "Sunlight soap" Many early adds suggested soap would save from drudgery
  • Working class
  • Lever bro's used different international agencies
Final thoughts
  • Domestic and imperial markets, royal, national and imperial imagery
  • To civilize/ empire: soap, cigarettes, chocolates and fabric
  • Discrepancy theory: self and ideal image
  • Admass advocates: economic liberals
  • Robin wight

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