Friday, 19 October 2012

OUGD401 - Designs I love & hate.

The design I dislike.

This was taken form a website called and the function of the design is a website that promotes lost dogs in Afghan that need new homes. I really dislike the design as I feel there has been no consideration of the layout on the web page. 
There is a lot of pop us, multiple typefaces and images that don't work cohesively and over all looks unappealing and is unclear to its intended audience. There is no clear colour scheme to make the page look atheistically interesting or professional thus making it a weak design. The website also doesn't clearly show it's purpose or audience due to other things being presented on their such as a gif about smoking, bible quotes and references to Amazon books about politics.
There are multiple tone of voices presented from political, inform and entertain with links to music pages and although good graphic design can adapt to multiple tone of voices, none of which are presented work in a effective way to make it clear and concise. The website name also doesn't explicitly show it's purpose of giving lost dogs new homes and sounds more like a personal site.


The design I like.

This is a design called "Beautiful Decay" by Alex Trochut I really like the concept of using spaghetti bolognaise to create typography and how he has worked with the shapes of the spaghetti to make letter forms. The format is well constructed and aesthetically pleasing, I like how the letter forms have risen from the ball of spaghetti to give the image structure. I also liked the colour tones used to stay true to the form of the food and how he has almost made it look like a neon shop sign. Each loop had a significant part in the design and although it could initially look messy it's digital format is clean cut. It's purpose of showing how decaying foods can look beautiful is straight forward and innovative.


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