Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How to . . . In depth

How to understand UK regional accents
 of the students in LCA.

To get a better understanding of what direction we wanted to head in, we researched the most common and loved accents in the UK and found these results.

1) Queen's English
2) Geordie

3) Scottish Highlands
4) Yorkshire

5) Welsh 
6) Northern Irish
7) Cockney

8) West Country
9) Scouse 

10) Glaswegian
11) Birmingham
12) Lancastrian
13) Mancunian
14) Black Country
15) Estuary English
16) Norfolk
17) Potteries

We narrowed it down Geordie, Scouse, Yorkshire and Cockney but due to our target market we decided to use Essex instead as it's a well know accent due to the infamous reality television programme " The only way is Essex".

On the big screen . .

In our research we watched some well known reality TV programmes that are dedicated to the particular regions we chose such as Geordie shore, The only way is Essex and Desperate scousewives. This enabled us to pick up the characteristics of the people within the regions such as trade mark styles and tone of voice.

After we highlighted the classic stereotypical characteristics of each region, myself and the group brain stormed how we could convey these through our work whilst sticking to a humorous tone. Our initial ideas stemmed from making a poster, website, cd series and video blogs. But we came to a conclusion that we would make small flashcards/booklet that would be distributed into fresher packs as a conversation starter and entertainment.


Essex                    Scouse                 Yorkshire                 Geordie

Yorkshire: Flat cap, knitted jumper, emmerdale style, gillet, farm boy
Essex: Joey Essex, quiff, fake tan, bright white teeth, hollywood, clean cut, affluent, smart attire.
Geordie: Fake tan, big hair, big shoes, loves alcohol and nights out.
Scouse: Wag, pajamas, rollers, ugg boots, thick eyebrows, fake eyelashes, nails, boobs, doll-like.

Phrases. .

The phrases were found through asking people who are from our chosen regions of our first year graphic design course. We also found phrases through the reality tv shows listed above and online websites.


  • Alreet - How are you?
  • Pet - A friendly name to call someone
  • Chava - Chav
  • Whey-Aye - Yes / deffinatley
  • Howay - No way
  • Crack - A joke / banter

  • Bizzies - The police
  • Geg - To interrupt or talk over someone
  • Jarg - Fake
  • Divvy - Idiot
  • Scran - Dinner/food


  • Oh aye - Yes
  • T substitutes the eg. "going t pub"
  • Bum - Good looking, nice, tasty
  • Flippin ek - God sake / a phrase said when angry or stressed out
  • Faffin - Messing around


  • Reem - Good looking
  • Well jel - Jelous
  • Shut up - No way (shat up)
  • Totes emosh - Totally emotional
  • Marbs - Marbella (common holiday in essex - "no carbs before marbs")

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