Thursday, 15 January 2015


Re—Mix is an exhibition looking into the past and present of popular music. Making comparisons to see if it has evolved over time or if it has just been copied from those who have come before. With interactive art work and music, the exhibition shows the development of music throughout the years.

The exhibition was influenced by theorist Adorno and his theory of standardisation, pseudo - individualisation and passivity. The exhibition was designed around an exploration of themes through lyrics, sound and vision within music. A series of questions on cards were displayed see to if people could recognise the standardisation of music.

The lyrics section within the exhibition explores the similarity between artists song lyrics through the use of collages of the artist’s and typography. The artwork was divided showing the original artist and the new one to show a direct comparison.

The vision section within the exhibition explores the similarity between artists style and mannerisms through combined collages. The exhibition tested audience to see if they could tell them apart.

The sound section is an interactive artwork section with collages of artists that have sample music from one another artists. With live music playing within boxes to define the comparisons further.

Other features within the exhibition included a multitude of hanging and design features created to curate the design of the space. These features allowed to give audiences other things to interact with and define the brand.

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