Sunday, 7 December 2014


For the style part of the exhibition I have to research into artists that emulate other artists styles and show the comparisons through their style. I did this by collecting images of the artists that I felt were similar in the industry which are displayed below and attached to a Pinterest board.

Madonna x Lady Gaga

Similarities: both artists have similar music styles, hairstyles, same background, controversial, make up and bold outfit choices.

Lil Kim x Nicki Minaj

Similarities: both artists promoted the barbie trend, same colourful wigs styles, bold outfit choices and are within the singing and rapping field.


Arianna Grande x Mariah Carey

Similarities: both artists have the same singing styles, girl next door, covered songs, style of dress.

Dianna Ross x Beyonce

Similarities: both originated from a 3 piece female group, lead singers, similar vocal style, glamorous style of dress 

Liam Gallagher x Ian Brown

Similarities: style of dress, orginally front men of successful indie bands, hairsyles, stage performance

Micheal Jackson x Justin Timberlake

Similarities: dance moves, singing styles and dress

Out of all the sections I found this section the most difficult to find examples that had prominent similarities with quality imagery to work with. However out of the few I decided to choose

— Madonna x Lady Gaga

— Lil Kim x Nicki Minaj

Due to the comparisions being very eminent and also there artists are from 3 different areas of popular music which will allow people from all musical backgrounds to identify and relate to one the examples within the exhibition. With these artists chosen I will now experiment with the artwork.

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